Saturday, April 26, 2008

my inner farmer

I've always been kind of obsessed with overalls, and I even used to own a few pairs when I was little. But when I entered middle school, of course it became "uncool" to wear them. (oh sixth graders..) But recently I have really wanted to buy some new pairs. I do have my checkerboard multicolored shortalls, but what I really want is just an old fashioned pair of denim overalls. Here are the kinds that are my favorite:

Aren't they awesome? Especially the last pair..they're kids but I could probably squeeze my 4'10 body into them.


Anonymous said...

i absoloutly love overalls! they are totally cool, I use to have a purple pair of short-alls, but I lost them. Your blog is totally awesome! we should totally link up!

bianca banca said...

I love overalls so much!
I am so happy you made a blog, You and your sister have great style!

Stephanie said...

There you go, good post. You can definitely go thrifting for some, or we can check out AA although theirs might be super long on you. What about rompers?

Tavi said...

Agreed, you could probably find a good pair at somewhere like Ragstock or Village Discount. Remember the ones we saw?
By the way, you've been tagged-check out my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just want to tell you that we are a bunch of overalls fans organizing an international overalls day November 20th in order to celebrate the most comfortable and still nice looking clothing item, overalls !:) take a look on my blog and links to other overalls fans !