Sunday, April 27, 2008

israel here i come.!

I am REALLY excited: I'm going on a class trip to Israel for the next two weeks! I'm telling you this so you aren't wondering why I'm not posting anything. Hopefully I'll find some cool clothes while shopping there; I know they have some awesome high-waisted pants there. I'll show you all my stuff when I get back but for now, Shalom! (that's "goodbye"fu in Hebrew. Yup, I'm Jewish)

See you in May!!


Sugar Pop said...

you get to go to Israel for school? that is too unfair. our grad trip is some crappy little camp thing. lol. oh well.

Sugar Pop said...

i'm linking you!! (sorry if i've already told you this...cause then, whoops...heh)

Sugar Pop said...


look - i've changed my blog name and URL, so you can check it out again here:
sorry bout that!

(sorry if i've already told you THIS.....not sure...)