Sunday, April 27, 2008

playing tag.

Sorry, this is my last post before I go. Tavi from Style Rookie tagged me. Here are my answers:

5 Things found in my bag:

-a book


5 Things found in my purse

-gum wrappers

-make up

5 Favourite things in my room:

-Elton John record
-Rent poster
-my clothes
-my little collections of toys that somehow I still have from when I was little
-my bulletin board

5 Things I always wanted to do:

-go skydiving
-go to Australia
-be on Broadway
-write a book
-star in a movie

5 Things I am currently into:

-overalls (haha)
-disney movies. they absolutely never get old!!
-looking at (check it out)

The person who tagged you is Tavi from Style Rookie

Your 5 impressions of her:
-she is amazingly photogenic
-her style isn't "trying too hard" or "not trying enough", it's perfectly in the middle, she's really mature for her age as well
-she can look good in almost anything
-she is really unique with her clothes
-she's Norwegian which is awesome

I'm tagging....

-Angie hearts...a lot of things
-That's Hauttte
-Fashion Riot
-Fops and Dandies

israel here i come.!

I am REALLY excited: I'm going on a class trip to Israel for the next two weeks! I'm telling you this so you aren't wondering why I'm not posting anything. Hopefully I'll find some cool clothes while shopping there; I know they have some awesome high-waisted pants there. I'll show you all my stuff when I get back but for now, Shalom! (that's "goodbye"fu in Hebrew. Yup, I'm Jewish)

See you in May!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

my inner farmer

I've always been kind of obsessed with overalls, and I even used to own a few pairs when I was little. But when I entered middle school, of course it became "uncool" to wear them. (oh sixth graders..) But recently I have really wanted to buy some new pairs. I do have my checkerboard multicolored shortalls, but what I really want is just an old fashioned pair of denim overalls. Here are the kinds that are my favorite:

Aren't they awesome? Especially the last pair..they're kids but I could probably squeeze my 4'10 body into them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So I went shopping at Ragstock today; it's a thrift store near my house. I also went to a couple other stores but didn't find anything. Anyway I bought some pretty cool clothes there, but the problem is I don't know what to wear them with. Any ideas??

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my feet are awkward.

Sorry these are horizontal, but my computer is screwed up and wouldn't let me rotate them. This outfit wasn't one that I spent a long time planning out, I just wore it today. The jeans are definitely my favorite pair, and they were from Forever 21! Good quality, cheap, comfortable and fitting. Also, sorry my foot is so awkward in the first picture; I was trying to get the shoes in the picture. The shoes are tap dancing shoes, but usually I would wear this outfit with black jazz shoes. Hope you like it!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

vogue fashion shows are my new addiction.

Last night, I was looking on the Vogue website at their fall/winter fashion show photos. (and still am) I was surprised at how many I liked!! My favorite designers from that show were definitely Balmain, John Galliano, and Wood Wood. Here are some of my favorite outfits from Balmain:

As you can see, three of them have tight, printed cropped pants; I would love to own a pair of those. The last one just fascinates me...the cutouts, the color/print..everything. Balmain's fall/winter show has now gotten me to look at its other collections as well. I'll post more later. But how cool is this dress???

Monday, April 21, 2008

just starting simple

The dress is actually a skirt..

These are by far my favorite pair of shortalls.

I wore the dress without the belt, too, but I like it better with.

I was really bored today (I'm on spring break this week. I know, it's really late but I'm just glad I have it sometime!!) so I decided to try on different outfits. They aren't very dramatic or "unique" or anything, but I am just getting started. They are from all different places, mostly thrift stores though. I hope you like them!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

meet the midget

Hey, I'm Caroline. I'm 14 and I have seen some really cool blogs and I decided to make one for myself. I have not been into fashion that much in the past, but I'm getting more and more into it as I see more inspirations and ideas for outfits, etc. One thing I know I love is the fashion from the 80s. I know a lot of people say that, but I'll try to be more unique when I wear clothes inspired from then.

I'll be posting pictures of outfits that I have or want, and here is my first one.