Monday, April 21, 2008

just starting simple

The dress is actually a skirt..

These are by far my favorite pair of shortalls.

I wore the dress without the belt, too, but I like it better with.

I was really bored today (I'm on spring break this week. I know, it's really late but I'm just glad I have it sometime!!) so I decided to try on different outfits. They aren't very dramatic or "unique" or anything, but I am just getting started. They are from all different places, mostly thrift stores though. I hope you like them!!


Tavi said...

I am in love with the shortalls and the belt (and everything else too, of course!)
I can't wait to see more pictures!

Stephanie said...

i can has 2nd & 3rd outfitz?

Rachie-Pie said...

love that shortalls thingbob!