Friday, May 30, 2008

hard choices

Ok, ok. I promised. I will put up a picture of my graduation dress, seeing graduation is THIS TUESDAY!!! But there's a little the really pretty blue chiffon dress I loved, but the only problem was that there was some material at the bottom that I didn't like. So I tried cutting it off, you know? But that only ruined the I bought another one. It's a black tube dress - well, you can see it - but then I realized that I can still wear the chiffon one. But now I have no idea what to do!! And I need to know before I decide what shoes to wear on that night. This is so annoying..opinions, PLEASE!!

The blue chiffon dress ^

this isnt as wide when I put it on..haha^^

the top of the black dress. its not silver, its totally black, but i put on flash so you can see the details ^^

the ruined part of the chiffon dress. See, I think I can cut that out and just have the bottom be flat..but I don't really know ^^

Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day weekend

So from Friday till today, I have been wearing new outfits using all my old clothes. Here is what I wore on Saturday and Sunday:

shirt: dad's closet
vest: thrifted
belt/leggings: sister's closet

shirt/shorts: Target
blazer: Ann Taylor
shoes: Old Navy

I really like the first one; what I like about it is that I can wear it as a vest dress or as a vest over the white shirt. The leggings are worn as tights, but I could have just worn tights with it. The second outfit was fun to wear, and I loved wearing shorts for once! It's FINALLY warm outside - 70 degrees!! Summer's coming...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

something blue

Hey, sorry I haven't written in a long time. Good news: I finally got a graduation dress!! I love it so much; it's a v-neck, all different shades of blue and chiffon. I'll take a picture of it later, when it's dry cleaned and hemmed and shit.. anyway, here is my outfit from yesterday:

Shirt/sweater: Target

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Tights/belt: Sister's closet

I really liked this outfit, even though I know it isn't my most amazing creation ever. I was going to wear it with a green cardigan instead of the black one, but I decided at last minute I liked the black one better, and plus I didn't think the colors looked right together with those shades of green, purple and blue. Lately I've been wanting to wear tights with more things, even though it's spring and I should be wearing skirts and shorts and not being cold. (but hey, I live in Chicago so it's pretty much cold till July, and then it's a sauna till October) So get ready for yellow, green, red, hot pink and black fishnet tights, because I will probably wear all of those kinds soon enough. (my favorites are ones I found in my sister's closet with the blue ones: they are the same color blue, but sheer, with tiny bows on them. I will definitely wear them soon as well) I also debated on whether to wear the leather belt with this or not, but the skirt just didn't look right without it; there is sort of a gap where a belt is supposed to be. To tell you the truth, I didn't realize the skirt was high waisted when I got it. I'm not even sure it is, I might just be short enough to wear it high waisted. But I like it better like this, so I'm wearing it high from now on. I have to go now, but more tomorrow!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

graduation 08

So I'm graduating from 8th grade in 2 1/2 weeks. Pretty exciting. The only thing that sucks is that i don't have a dress yet. I did find a cute one, but i held off on buying it for so long that they no longer have it in my size!! And by now there's almost nothing available...I mean I know what styles and colors I like, but I really can't find anything anywhere. Also, since I'm tiny, a lot of stuff doesn't look great on me. Here are some dresses that I would LOVE to have for graduation - or at least something like it:

Balmain (above)

Oscar de la Renta (above and below)
Ifa Lethu & Karen MonkKlijnstra (below)I know, I know. The last one I would probably not end up wearing to graduation..but fun colors like that and definitely a skirt like that I would wear. I think my favorite is the red Oscar de la Renta. Any suggestions?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

gladiator men

Hey, I'm back!! Israel was amazing, but it was awesome coming back and seeing people comment on my last two posts. When i was in Israel, i did not dress my cutest, i admit. But one thing i saw that i now MUST have are gladiator sandals. I noticed them at first, because a lot of people had them. But then we went to this murder mystery one night, (it was fake, planned, and, yes, lame) and there was a "gladiator" there, and i could not stop looking at his shoes. I even told him i love them, but he stayed in character of course and ignored me. I do have a pair of gladiator-looking shoes, and I'll put them up when my camera isn't dead. But for now, here are the styles i love:

How amazing??