Sunday, June 15, 2008

sorry to be so hasty!

Hey guys, I'm really sorry I should have told you before, but I'm leaving for camp today. I'll be gone for 8 weeks, so don't be surprised if I don't post till August. I went shopping yesterday and got: a school girl dress, a demin dress, a Looney tunes vest, awesome shoes, a sweater and a neon windbreaker, but I don't have time to take pictures of them! As soon as I get back I will, so sorry to be hasty but see you in 8 weeks!! I look forward to reading all of your posts when I get back.



Biianca said...

aww have fun at camp!!!

Sugar Pop said...

oh no! :( oh well, have fun! lots and lots of fun!

yiqin; said...

Awww I'll miss you for this 8weeks! :(

Ana said...


thanks for linking me. I'll add you as well.

Tavi said...

I know, I'm a bitch for communicating via blogger rather than email but thats how my sister's laptop is right now. PLEASE COME HOME SO WE CAN MEH THE NIGHT AWAY, THRIFT TIL DAWN, AND BE OUR USUAL FATTIE SELVES. PLEASE?
Miss youuu.
Oh, and did you get my letter? Maybe it arrived too late. I dissected our family tree and illustrated our lives when we're both home.
Love love love you

Tavi said...

btdubs, when I saw that you messaged us I didn't bother to read it and just assumed you were home. So I made a really gross cow noise (I was HAPPY) and ran upstairs to call you, but then your mom thought I was crazy and sounded really pleasant in that accent of hers that I miss hearing. Wahhhh.
I also made something VERY COOL for you on my blog. I've decided you're a giant hot dog, mmkay?

Dang said...

Oh craps. I just re-found your blog, and now you're leaving.

Tiffany Blue I Love You said...

i LOVE your blog, but may i make a suggestion? i think youd look SO PRETTY with a side part, you should definitely try it out. im considering leaving this as an anonymous comment because my blog is so embarrassingly bad but ill humor you dont worry

but yea, a side part changed my life and i think it could do you wonders

love, TBILY

Tavi said...

call me from that seattle phone booth
come home.

*hint: the second one will get you hugs and kisses and toblerones*