Sunday, June 8, 2008

feeling floral

So today was REALLY hot. I wore my new shorts, which I have worn before but my camera was broken, remember? Anyway here it is:

shorts: thirfted
shirt: target
belt: sister's closet

I know, I know. i wear my sister's belt way to much. I really need a few of my own..I also got a haircut. My hair's up to my shoulders now!! I cut it after I took the pictures so my hair is long in the pictures still. I just took a shower but tomorrow I'll post my new hair as well as my outfit. Ahh, it's so warm outside even though it's night. I love it.


Biianca said...

I love the shorts!!!!
very cute!

Tavi said...

I LOVE those shorts! Looks great with the tee and belt. Dammit, we seriously need to do some more thrifting before you have camp.

Ana said...

I like those shorts a lot! I'm now officially a freshman too. Would you like to trade links?

Crizelle said...

The shorts are adorable!
And the belt is fabulous!
Buy it from your sister or just take it ;)

Sinead said...

Hey, I love your blog :)
You have great style, especially for your age!

I was wondering if you wanted to link exchange... I'm new to this fashion blogging thing and am trying to get into it. :)

Tru said...

glad to see you're posting more reguarly again...have you ever thought of stratigening your hair?

That Girl said...

Great skirt!