Thursday, May 15, 2008

gladiator men

Hey, I'm back!! Israel was amazing, but it was awesome coming back and seeing people comment on my last two posts. When i was in Israel, i did not dress my cutest, i admit. But one thing i saw that i now MUST have are gladiator sandals. I noticed them at first, because a lot of people had them. But then we went to this murder mystery one night, (it was fake, planned, and, yes, lame) and there was a "gladiator" there, and i could not stop looking at his shoes. I even told him i love them, but he stayed in character of course and ignored me. I do have a pair of gladiator-looking shoes, and I'll put them up when my camera isn't dead. But for now, here are the styles i love:

How amazing??


Sugar Pop said...

pretty friggin amazing. lol thanks for the comment!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I love them. I have 2 pairs from Old Navy, one in which Im wearing right now. They rock

Tavi said...

Ah, these are on my shopping list too! I think the first ones are my they're all great. And don't feel guilty for not dressing as you normally would, Israel is burning hot, correct?

saray said...

Love those! the ones in the frist pic are my favorites!

Ashley said...
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stylemagnet said...

yummm gladiators :)

Emily. said...

I loveee the second pair. Where are they from?

I think it's so cool that you, your sister, and tavi all have blogs and you all know each other too. I wish it was like that for me.

By the way, i'm really short too.
4'9". But I'm a year older than you. hahah.

emilie said...

hello, my name is emilie of Fashion Streetcar, MY blog. i just wanted to say, i'm in love with the gladiators you posted, i did a post similar to it, but with a pair of tan leather gladiators from Urban Outfitters, much like the first pair you posted about.
i saw your sister's blog and Tavi's. i'm your age, fourteen, going into high school. i love fashion as well.
check out my blog too, i hope you like it!