Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day weekend

So from Friday till today, I have been wearing new outfits using all my old clothes. Here is what I wore on Saturday and Sunday:

shirt: dad's closet
vest: thrifted
belt/leggings: sister's closet

shirt/shorts: Target
blazer: Ann Taylor
shoes: Old Navy

I really like the first one; what I like about it is that I can wear it as a vest dress or as a vest over the white shirt. The leggings are worn as tights, but I could have just worn tights with it. The second outfit was fun to wear, and I loved wearing shorts for once! It's FINALLY warm outside - 70 degrees!! Summer's coming...


Stephanie said...

MUCH better. We need to take pictures somewhere else though, the mirror is like eating your head..

Fashion Ivy said...

great outfits. The first is my fav

Biianca said...

both are really cute!!!
I like your outfit from your last post too!
are you excited for graduation?? its coming up...right?

Sugar Pop said...

cute outfits - love the shoes from old navy!

and you'd better post pics of your dress soon!!!

yiqin; said...

Yeah I agree, the second outfit looks so fun to wear! :)


yay! awsome way to create cute clothing! cute blog btw

Fashion Slacker said...

I love the first outfit, like alot :)