Sunday, October 4, 2009

da moose da moose

...swimming in da water. heeh. ANYWAY, here eez ze post for today. you lowkey legit finna like whatcha see hurr, nawwmeaaann????
WOW SORRY ;D. that wasn't me. im just reallllly tired cuz i went to a friend's party last night and got like..4 hours of sleep, i think. it should sustain me, i guess. but it obviously doesn't ahah. but back to outfiterry, this is the latest. i love this sweater so much its incredibly COMFORTABLE!! and it was freezing today so thats prolly why i look like a hag..? maybe. oh and by the way (or btdubs, whichever you teenagers prefer these days) the necklace was made out of chuck e cheese tickets. just in case you cant tell. cuz it's pretty hard to tell. and I KNOW I KNOW why you're wondering why i kept them and didnt get a prize, right? well i DID. and then i FOUND SOME ON THE GROUND :O so HA. hm. anyway. enjoy the dinner. glad you came. hope to see you here next time. ;)

Sweater: Thrifted, Dress: UO, Socks: Target, Boots; Thrifted. [Pearl] Necklace: gift.