Tuesday, August 12, 2008

biking all the way to chicago

Here is my outfit for today. I found this old guitar-shaped bag, I think it was from Claire's, in my closet and decided to use it, even though in past years I always thought it was "lame and ugly". I found that not only is it useful and convenient, its not actually that ugly after all.

shirt: forever 21
shorts: target
tights: topshop
jacket: thrifted
shoes: (out of picture) thrifted
bag: claire's


1234 said...

ohhh love the red tights! i need some

Squishybubble said...

Cute outfit!!

Emily said...

congrats on your diiiamond award, tee hee, I just gave one to you

Rosie said...

I often find things I put away thinking I would never wear them again that I think are lovely now. Also, I love the tights!

Tavi said...

Ha. Yeah, I biked all the way to Chicago.
Now I remember the cardigan! It's cute. And I'm seeing you tonight so HAHAHAHHA